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Lot 16 - Fall Heifer Preg. + Reg. Recip - TMCK Hydraulic x SBLX Maria

[09/13/18] MC Marketing Management - M&R Online Sale

Additional Information

Breed Lim-Flex 43%
Dob Approx. - 9/5/18
Color Hps Dbl Blk - Dbl Pld
Sire TMCK Hydraulic 17Y
Dam SBLX Maria 662Y
Epds Link Projected EPD?s as of 9/3/18 - CE: 9 BW: 3.0 WW: 74 YW: 118 MK: 24 CM: 7 SC: 0.8 DC: 13 YG: -.18 CW: 34 RE: .60 MB: .16 $MTI: 59
Location Bourbon, MO


Selling Fall Heifer Preg. (TMCK Hydraulic x SBLX Maria) + Reg. Recip., MIDL 25X.Due 9/5/18.

Folks, here is a true sale highlight to invest in proven genetics plus, a quality registered recipient! The donor dam, SBLX Maria, is a sound structured, bold ribbed, attractive patterned female that has been admired by many. Pedigree-wise take a special note, the breed leading A.I sire, TMCK Hydraulic that’s known to produce, high performance, structurally correct cattle is on the top side. The bottom-line is, this genetic offering promises to produce black, polled, good numbered, phenotypically exceptional calves that project to excel at the highest level of production. Asses the true value in this lot.

Supplemental/Health Information:
- All cattle are backed by a sight unseen guarantee.
- All open heifers are broke to tie.
- All females have been OCV vaccinated.
- All bulls are semen tested. We can hold your bull purchase until December 1.
- All cattle have had at least two rounds of Vira-Sheild 6+VLS, Covexin 8, and wormed with Long Range.
- LIMS certified, herd certified #1842.

- All cattle sell under the standard guarantee of the North American Limousin Foundation.
- Terms are checks or cash due upon completion of sale and payable to M&R Limousin, 2413 Argo Rd., Bourbon, MO 65441
- Trucking, we can assist with arrangements for further details call Mark Middleton, (314) 956-9878.

For More Information Please Contact:
Seller: M&R Limousin
Mark Middleton, (314) 956-9878

Marketing Agents:
MC Marketing (402) 350-3447
Grassroots Consulting (515) 229-5227
Helton Consulting (256) 962-0256